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IDMS Shadow Database Facility

E-NET2 is a highly cost-effective shadow database facility that permits a user to maintain a remote shadow IDMS database, working together with RRDF. E-NET2 can also be used on a stand-alone basis to maintain a local shadow database.

  • Continuously applies updates to the shadow database, using journal data transmitted by the RRDF Remote Recovery Database Facility.
  • Facilitates a transfer of processing to the shadow environment within seconds, delivering the highest possible level of availability to your user community.
  • Uses only a fraction of the computer resources required at the primary site.
  • Requires NO changes to application software.
  • Provides a distributed fault-tolerant capability which can be employed in a wide variety of scenarios, from hardware and software failure to major disasters.
  • Employs sophisticated buffering techniques, utilizing MVS Cross-Memory Services and advanced control and synchronization features to guarantee the integrity of the shadow database.
  • Is available under a license arrangement from E-Net and an annual maintenance agreement that includes upgrades and enhancements.

IDMS is a product and trademark of Computer Associates



E-Net Enterprise Data Replicator sets the new standard in database application availability. EDR provides replication and propagation solutions designed specifically for real-world applications. High-value. High-volume. Critical systems which have the ultimate availability requirements. Not 99%. Not 99.99999%. Systems that require 100% uptime. If you have an application which absolutely must be available at all times, you should consider EDR.

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Information systems form the foundation of today’s healthy, growing businesses. And, as such, these systems must be ever ready to meet the simultaneous demands of customers, clients, employees and the Internet. Including telephone and on-line business, it is not uncommon for networks to process between 500 and 1,000 transactions per second. Downtime means lost customers.

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E-NET7 utilizes enhanced “Huffman” encoding techniques that perform a sophisticated bit-level compression tailored to the user’s data stream. Because of the “scrambled” nature of the encoded data, the results may, in addition, satisfy security requirements.

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