is an ideal recovery
solution for companies
with a single data center.


Full Recovery—Minimal Cost

As more enterprises operate on a 24x7 basis, an important question is asked with growing frequency. Where can a business with a single data center turn for an affordable data recovery solution that provides excellent recovery with no data loss? REMOTe-VAULT™ from E-Net is the answer.

Full Recovery—Protect all your valuable business transactions

High Availability—Reduce the frequency of quiescence and backup

Low Cost—The world’s most affordable OS/390 database protection solution

For over 20 years, E-Net Corporation has provided recovery, replication and continuous availability solutions to leading corporations around the world. REMOTe-VAULT™ is perfect for organizations that can tolerate only minimal downtime of business-critical applications, but are inhibited by the high cost of additional data centers, labor, or MVS licensing. These companies appreciate the need for a corporate hot site but, until now, they couldn’t afford to protect all of their transactions.

Unlike the costly alternatives, E-Net's flagship product, RRDF™, safeguards business transactions by capturing log/journal records and transmitting them, up-to-the-second, to a remote location. REMOTe-VAULT™ uses RRDF to send transaction journals, in real-time, to a dedicated server running REMOTe-VAULT™. The log/journal data is efficiently archived to tape and vaulted, without affecting the performance of the production database. With the exception of tape changes, the entire process can be run and controlled from the RRDF send site.

When disaster strikes, and your data center is disabled by an outage, REMOTe-VAULT™ will reconstruct and recover valuable data quickly. This highly effective process offers protection far superior to periodic backup alone, which risks losing all transactions in between the backups.

Although most companies recognize the importance of data recovery, some simply cannot afford expensive, complicated, labor-intensive solutions. E-Net’s REMOTe-VAULT™ is an affordable, reliable recovery alternative. Its demand on financial or human resources is minimized, yet it provides the functionality and security that have made E-Net products so successful in the business community.

Whether it's databases, or capital—E-Net saves business.

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System Configuration Requirements

Vault Server Configuration
· Windows NT Server—Windows 2000 or higher, with multiprocessor support
· Microsoft HIS (SNA Server) — installed on Windows NT Server
· SNA connection to mainframe:
—Network card (DLC)
—Direct connection (SDLC)
· CPU Speed: Minimum 1 GHz
· Memory: 1GB RAM base
plus 256 MB RAM per vault.
· Disk space and performance requirements are based on volume of transactions
· IDE performance is sufficient for normal transaction volumes
· SCSI is required for higher volumes

Tape Drives (Optional)
Any SCSI tape drive that is mainframe compatible

REMOTe-VAULT™ User Interface Machine (Optional)
· Standard Windows workstation
· Network Interface Card (NIC)  TCP/IP connection to Vault Server

Mainframe Configuration
· z/OS, OS/390, or MVS/ESA
·SNA Communications

DBMS Support
· DB2 for z/OS
· CICS Transaction Server

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